Book for AIM MBAs: Did You Read The Case?

It's been a while since my last update, but I'd like to plug my book: Did You Read The Case? 16 Stories on How to Get Into the Asian Institute of Management and Survive the Case Method MBA.

The book is exclusively available at the Amazon Kindle store and priced at $0.99 if you're in the US, and $2.99 if you're in the Philippines. Why the price difference? Well, we'll have to thank Philippine tax laws for that.

In any case, the book is a project that stemmed from my MBA days at the Asian Institute of Management up to early this year. With the e-book boom, distributing the book electronically would be the practical way to go.

As for the book contents, It's intended for aspiring MBA students who want to get into AIM and current MBA students who are struggling to deal with the rigors of the program.The main topics of the book include getting admitted, starting the classes, dealing with pressure, grappling with grades, and rising above the challenges.



This blog, like most things, is evolving.

The AIM Blogger will be changing from a blog into a community site. From a blog with the perspective of one person to a website looking through the eyes of every student at the Asian Institute of Management.

I guess it's pretty apparent that my life outside of AIM after graduation has expanded tremendously. And while I still consider the institute my home (I still teach a couple of courses there as needed), the story of the struggling b-school student no longer there. Francis did a wonderful job contributing and this legacy of the student's side must be preserved for the long term.

So expect some hiccups while accessing the site. For instance, the domain "" may be inaccessible at times. The site's old URL "" can still be used to access this site.

Finally, feel free to ask questions about the changes in the site. :)

When Life Gives You Lemons

People say, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." But what if that person is a manager?
Marketing Manager - "When life gives you lemons, get the juice, color it blue, and call it 'shlemonade' because the 18-30 year old demographic likes the 'sh' sound and all things blue."Operations Manager - "When life gives you lemons, outsource the peeling to Brazil, the juice extraction to India, and the manufacturing to China. That will give you 100% Lemonade."Sales Manager - "When life gives you lemons, screw the juice. I've got a new batch of lemons to sell."
IT Manager - "When life gives you lemons, I'll place it near a Windows Vista machine. When the computer crashes, the user will smash the lemons in frustration. And then you have juice."HR Manager -  "When life gives you lemons, I'll recruit an eager MBA grad who's willing to work for half the normal salary add 'Juice Extraction' in his job …

'10 Tactics' Premiere at AIM

The Philippine premiere of the film "10 Tactics" will be held at the Asian Institute of Management tomorrow at 7pm.

10 Tactics is a documentary that shows how information can be translated into concrete action. While the film has open source leanings, I believe the contents of the film can give business folks an idea how to create active participation via technology. Here's the trailer of the film:

If you're interested, please register here.

Weekend Over...Back to Reality

I cannot deny the fact that the long weekend is over. While some of us went out of town and had their own adventures, I chose to stay at home and go out a bit during my long weekend. It was nice, but sadly, too short. Checking my emails' inbox confirms it. The weekend is over, time to get back into my current reality of school and the MBA program.

For this week, our load will be light and we have only a few classes with very long breaks. Tomorrow after Marketing Management class (or is it Microeconomics class?), I will go to the bank to fix my former staff account and turn it into a regular account. I'll visit some of my friends and have a little lunch get together. Maybe I'll walk around the malls and do stuff.

But unlike the weekend where I enjoyed taking 8 hours of sleep and only thought of school once in a while, I knew that when I go out after lunch tomorrow that the week has begun and there is much work to be done. Still, we all have more time in our hands th…

Article on AIM Leader Out!

The article I mentioned a few months back is finally out!

I contributed an article to the AIM Alumni Leadership Magazine (or AIM Leader) entitled "Confessions of an MBA Blogger" and it's about The AIM Blogger. I wrote about this blog's roots and directions in the future. I shared how this blog was able to help me cope during my MBA studying days and now in my MBA teaching days.

If you get a chance to grab the magazine, please do so because apart from my contributed article, there are also contributions from Fidel V. Ramos (former Philippine president), Maj. Gen Roland Detabali (MDM 2004), and Jerry Quibilan (MM 1976). Feedback is always welcome. :)

BTW, another contribution of mine will appear in the next issue of AIM Leader. For the next article, I'm focusing on Social Media. :D

Another Long Weekend!!!!

The first day of another 3 day long weekend for MBA cohort 5 students has started! I for one am looking forward to it. DVDs at home, some more quality time with family, going out and not worrying too much about the time! Even hanging out at home without any readings to worry about! (Well, I have readings and will still read up hahaha!) Something is strange about next week's schedule though, the school seemed to have heard our silent plea for lighter loads and now we just have 4 subjects for the coming week... I even have 2 half days this week....Hmm

Ideally, we should be taking advantage of this short break. As to what kind of advantage it is for, it depends on each person I guess. As for me, I'd try to read some more and practice some cases maybe.(just maybe) But I will also have time to walk more in the mall tomorrow. I'm visiting my grandma on Monday too! Maybe on the half-day schedules I'll also visit my former officemates and have a quick lunch somewhere …