Another Long Weekend!!!!

The first day of another 3 day long weekend for MBA cohort 5 students has started! I for one am looking forward to it. DVDs at home, some more quality time with family, going out and not worrying too much about the time! Even hanging out at home without any readings to worry about! (Well, I have readings and will still read up hahaha!) Something is strange about next week's schedule though, the school seemed to have heard our silent plea for lighter loads and now we just have 4 subjects for the coming week... I even have 2 half days this week....Hmm

Ideally, we should be taking advantage of this short break. As to what kind of advantage it is for, it depends on each person I guess. As for me, I'd try to read some more and practice some cases maybe.(just maybe) But I will also have time to walk more in the mall tomorrow. I'm visiting my grandma on Monday too! Maybe on the half-day schedules I'll also visit my former officemates and have a quick lunch somewhere or something.

Wonder what the rest are planning/are already doing in this longer weekend and possibly easier week?



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