Article on AIM Leader Out!

The article I mentioned a few months back is finally out!

I contributed an article to the AIM Alumni Leadership Magazine (or AIM Leader) entitled "Confessions of an MBA Blogger" and it's about The AIM Blogger. I wrote about this blog's roots and directions in the future. I shared how this blog was able to help me cope during my MBA studying days and now in my MBA teaching days.

If you get a chance to grab the magazine, please do so because apart from my contributed article, there are also contributions from Fidel V. Ramos (former Philippine president), Maj. Gen Roland Detabali (MDM 2004), and Jerry Quibilan (MM 1976). Feedback is always welcome. :)

BTW, another contribution of mine will appear in the next issue of AIM Leader. For the next article, I'm focusing on Social Media. :D


mbaguyamit said…
Congratats on being article publised.. Some beer plz!

Waitng for Social media article, as I am too interesed in this sector.

I too rember my MBA days and the hoe i use to fun and nervous in the lecture.

I miss those days.

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