Weekend Over...Back to Reality

I cannot deny the fact that the long weekend is over. While some of us went out of town and had their own adventures, I chose to stay at home and go out a bit during my long weekend. It was nice, but sadly, too short. Checking my emails' inbox confirms it. The weekend is over, time to get back into my current reality of school and the MBA program.

For this week, our load will be light and we have only a few classes with very long breaks. Tomorrow after Marketing Management class (or is it Microeconomics class?), I will go to the bank to fix my former staff account and turn it into a regular account. I'll visit some of my friends and have a little lunch get together. Maybe I'll walk around the malls and do stuff.

But unlike the weekend where I enjoyed taking 8 hours of sleep and only thought of school once in a while, I knew that when I go out after lunch tomorrow that the week has begun and there is much work to be done. Still, we all have more time in our hands this week. I'm hoping we don't fill it up with work just because we can. Sometimes we all need to be a little more relaxed and a little more free to have balance in our lives. Lucky for section B, our class ends at 12:30 tomorrow.

Still in semi-vacation mode...

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