Getting Admitted to the MBA Program

Let backtrack a bit: How was I able to get admitted to the Asian Institute of Management (AIM)?

The admission process is a relatively brief process, but rigorous nonetheless. The AIM Website outlines the procedure on how to apply and the requirements as well. However, I found some old content at the AIM site that might get some users confused. But in spite of that, my experience in applying was a very smooth and hassle-free one.

I made sure that I had the following accomplished:
  • Application Form - This can be downloaded online. The application form is very long and has 14 essay questions! It is better to answer the essay questions briefly and direct to the point.
  • Official Transcripts - This is my undergraduate transcript from the University of the Philippines - Diliman.
  • Academic Recommendation Letter - I had a former professor of mine from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business accomplish this one.
  • Professional Recommendation Letter - I asked a former superior make a recommendation. She was an AIM alumna, so I hoping that would count for something. :P
After getting those requirements out of the way, I was scheduled to take the AIMAT or Asian Institute of Management Admission Test. It's similar to the GMAT, but with fewer coverage of topics. The exam questions were good enough, but the time pressure made things a bit iffy. (You only have less than a minute to answer each question.)

A couple of weeks after the exam, I received an email from Ms. Lot Aramil from the Admissions Office telling me I was scheduled for an interview. (That implies I passed the AIMAT. :P) I thought this would be the most challenging phase of the admission process. When the day of the interview came, I was feeling a bit giddy.

The interview process consisted of two parts: A group discussion (GD) and a one on one interview. The group discussion had us applicants in a room with a moderator, and we discussed a difficult case study. Our moderator also asked some grilling types of questions and really made us justify our positions. (Tip: make sure you establish rapport with your co-applicants to make the discussion flow better.)

After the GD, an interview with Prof. Ricardo Lim followed. I felt the interview was anti-climactic, considering what transpired at the GD. But it's great that the GD went that way because it made me felt I was ready for anything that would be thrown at me at the interview.

Two days after the interview, I received an email from Ms. Twiggy Reyes of the Student Services, Admissions & Registrar (SSAR) telling me I got accepted at the MBA program.

Whew! It wasn't a long road to get admitted, but it was an interesting ride. If the admission process to the MBA program is a preview of what's to come, boy am I looking forward to it.


Anonymous said…

Are there many probability, log, permutation questions on the aimat? please give me some tips for the test. My undergrand performance isnt that good so i really have to ace the test to increase my chances of being admitted there. thanks
higa said…

I am planning to give AIMAT this feb. But i have no idea about the pattern of AIMAT. I have heard that its based on the GMAT pattern but its on paper rather then on computer.

Please advise me for how to proceed for the preparation for the same. Please let me know how many questions are there which areas are covered and how much time is given. from where i can get the sample paper for it.

Please help.
Anonymous said…

Can I ask what's the coverage of the AIMATS? Does it involve essays as well? Thanks!
If you've taken the GMAT exam, the AIMAT is similar to it. The test is administered electronically now, with the test-takers sitting in a room and inputting their answers on a computer while the administrator enters the room now and then to give instructions. You prepare for the AIMAT just like the way you prepare for the GMAT. The only difference I think is the weight that they give to parts of the test (They don't disclose the results)
kirti said…
I have received a call for GD/PI for AIM. Can you please give advice/tips on preparation?
Just try to be as clear with your points, and participate actively with the case discussion during the interview. That's what we did during my interview, we discussed a case with the interviewer facilitating the discussion. Do try to listen to other's points, as well as be able to state yours. I'm guessing what they're looking for here is if you fit the case method that we do here :) anyway good luck and congratulations! A few more steps to go!
kirti said…
hi. i have received an admission letter from AIM. Was wanting to know the procedure for scholarships. Do I need to apply seperately. Kindly advice.
There are lots of resource that you can find in the internet. This will definitely help people in planning to take MBA.
Anonymous said…

Is the AIMAT computer based or computer apaptive? is there a paper based option now?
Anonymous said…

Is the AIMAT computer based or computer apaptive? is there a paper based option now?

The AIMAT is paper-based. :)
Anonymous said…
I wanted to know how to go about writing the essays for the Application? What points are judged from these essays?? And also how to go about forming a thesis for the last question.


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