Asian Institute of Management in India?

I've been following the "new campus" moves of the Asian Institute of Management as of late and while I said my piece a while back, there was some development that reached the media last week.

I've speculated that AIM's new campus may be outside of the Metro Manila. But how about a new campus outside of the Philippines? President Francis Estrada said in an interview with Business Standard:
AIM is an Asian Institute and is not just for the Philippines. We are thinking of creating campuses beyond the capital Manila and are looking at proposals to establish presence in India.
My take on this is that from a strategic point of view, it's pretty sound.The Indian graduate education student market is very huge and talented and AIM had seen a big growth of Indian students since the start of the 2000's. Here's a fact: For the MBA program, the Indian population in AIM has steadily grown and if you compare the 2001 class to our class, the Indian percentage of the student body grew from 30% to 60%.


Anonymous said…
Is that Estrada guy an Indian?

What has happened to AIM?

Instead of helping fellow Filipinos improve their status in the global stage, the new direction of management is help foreigners instead.

I wonder why...

I wonder why the management does not want to encourage Filipinos to study at AIM. they may seem to encourage Filipinos but it is a sort of false encouragement.

Once you are in school, you feel as if you are a second rate citizen in your own country. How sad..

The excuse that Filipinos cannot afford the tuition is such BS. There are a handful of Filipinos who can afford to go to AIM but choose not to because they do not see the value in taking an AIM MBA.

Why not reach out to them? A school is a non-profit organization after all right? If the teachers are so good in AIM why cant they help their own first before helping others?

Sounds so Anti-Filipino to me.

I agree with you regarding the targeting of the market segment. There are people in the Philippines who can definitely go, but for some reason, are not fully aware of AIM's value.

As for your Anti-Filipino comment... If you look at AIM's mission's statement, it does say, "We are committed toward making a difference in sustaining the growth of Asian societies
by developing professional,entrepreneurial and socially responsible leaders and managers."

It's Asia-centric, but the Philippines is in Asia. Is it Anti-Filipino? That can be argued.
Anonymous said…
I agree with that Anonymous guy.

Have you ever seen an MBA institution where most of its students are foreigners?

Harvard? Uh, no.. XLRI? Uh, no..

I do not think that the original founders of this school envisioned it to be this way.

Regnard, as for the vision "We are committed toward making a difference in sustaining the growth of Asian societies by developing professional, entrepreneurial and socially responsible leaders and managers."

Who are the WE?

Aren't they Filipinos?

The vision should be interpreted as "We, Filipino Leaders, make a difference in sustaining the growth of Asian societies by developing professional, entrepreneurial and socially responsible Filipino leaders and managers."

Don't get me wrong, I like foreigners.

Its just that I was hoping to see more Filipinos at least 50% at AIM but when I visited the school one time, it was over run by Indians.

Maybe that Estrada guy is right. He and the rest of AIM should just go to India and stay there.

I wish the top 3 schools of the land could create a new and better MBA school again, lets call it the Philippine Asian Institute of Management so that we are clear that the school is for Filipinos and foreigners equally.

I heard the current quality of education at AIM has deteriorated anyway.

As per your point that "There are people in the Philippines who can definitely go, but for some reason, are not fully aware of AIM's value."

You don't know the reason?

Well, brilliant Filipinos opt to get a US, Europe or other Asian MBA except AIM because of the quality of education.

I'm lucky to be one of them. As a Filipino, AIM is just a last resort. The only thing AIM has is its prestigious name. But once people from outside know what really happens in AIM they are as good as dead. I heard a lot of people are just going to AIM for the name or for the diploma.

Is that true?

Well once that bubble bursts, its all over for them.

I have also heard a lot of buzz about cheating, is it true that it is condoned over there?
carpediem said…
1. Indians are now the overwhelming majority, even over 80%, most, if not all of them are those who were not accepted at the IIMs

2. AIM professors are not good! most are pushovers, only a few can be considered good

3. I agree with anonymous that once people really know what goes on inside AIM, their perspective, opinion and perception would drastically change
@Anonymous 2:

The last time I checked, AIM was an international school. So why does it bother you if there are more foreigners than Filipinos? Where is this xenophobia coming from?

"We," in my interpretation, is AIM, as an institution. Yes, it was founded by Ateneo & La Salle, but it was founded with Harvard with the idea of having an impact on the regional level. If you think "We" refers to Filipino leaders, you're probably looking at U.P.'s mission.

Looking at your comment, you either are a Filipino supremacist (if there is such a thing), or you have a disdain for foreigners, particularly Indians. Do you think there's something wrong with them as a people?

Re: quality of education, I agree with you but not completely. But here's something I ask: take someone from UP, Ateneo or La Salle. Ask them if the "quality of education" on those institutions have improved. I took my undergrad in UP and if I take an alumnus/alumna at random, chances are, they will tell me that UP has deteriorated.

I'm not saying AIM is perfect. Heck, look at the latest b-school rankings. AIM has practically lagged behind Asian competitors rankings-wise since the millennium started.

I've said my piece on class dishonesty. You can check out my post entitled "Dysfunctional"

One final thought: for a "brilliant" person who was educated in the US and "loves" foreigners, you sure don't sound like it.

1. Is there something wrong with 80% Indians?

2. That's your opinion. I can opine and say that you're a genius or you're a fool any time of day.

3. Ummm... Isn't that what happens to most organizations/companies/schools? It's always greener on the other side of the fence.

Fine, I get it. You think AIM sucks. The same way some shmoe out there thinks Harvard or INSEAD was an utter disappointment. It's not my job to change your mind.

Here's the thing: It's not as if AIM is the only b-school out there. People actually have choices. You can go to Harvard, Wharton, INSEAD, NUS, IIMs or wherever. Go knock yourself out with your options. :)
carpediem said…
Cool down, no need for you to get angry. I never said 80% Indians is bad, did I? please read my comment again and please kindly point out which line/part. Please don't put words into my mouth. It was merely a statement of fact. Pikon ka masyado.

I'm not a genius, but I'm sure as hell that I'm better than you (based on your CV which I've already read)

Cool down, relax, learn to face reality squarely

I'm not putting words in your mouth. I was just asking questions. You're the one thinking I was angry, when I was just challenging your positions. (I guess this is what AIM taught me).

Fine, you're better than I am, heck you could be Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. But there's one thing you have not done: Answer the questions I raised. :)
Joseph said…
Are you a Filipino Regnard? Or have you become an Indian yourself?

You called that Anonymous guy a Filipino supremacist.

What's wrong with being proud of your country? What is wrong with having AIM, an MBA institution in the Philippines review its new direction and correct it by focusing on those who need more education, Filipinos.


Arent you proud of your country?

Or are you an outcast that is why you don't care?

You sound so queer and touchy to me. I bet you don't have that much friends at AIM. Loser!

You came from UP right? Are you more proud of being from AIM then from UP?
anita said…
Why not take a satisfaction survey among the past 5 batches of AIM till present to really get to know the true condition of AIM's quality of education, direction and atmosphere?

Or is AIM afraid to do that?

My friend told me that there are a lot of negative things happening in AIM like cheating which are unresolved and put under the rug.

Indians do majority if not all of the cheating maybe that is why these Anonymous guys are so Anti-Indian.

Maybe the graduates won't like to talk about it for fear of tarnishing the school's reputation but they wouldn't praise and endorse the school to others either.

Maybe that is why not a lot of Filipinos want to take the AIM MBA.

You mentioned that there may also be disgruntled students at Harvard etc, that may be true but only a few.

If majority of AIM students are unsatisfied with AIM then that is a different story.
Anonymous said…
YES! There is something wrong against 80% Indians in a school located in the Philippines.

They are smelly, rude, cheating scum of this earth.

I wonder if AIM had 99% Indians in it would you be willing to be the remaining 1%?

I think you would.

Obviously, you don't know me so I'll just ignore your name-calling and judgments.

On the "pride" issue: You're bringing the discussion to the wrong level. Did I mention anywhere that being Filipino was something to be ashamed of? The discussion was centered on the question "Is there something wrong with foreigners?"

I agree with you in helping the education in the Philippines and putting country first. But objectively looking at the school's mandate, it caters to a wider place, which is Asia (where the country is located). I'm sorry if I have to keep on bringing the mission statement, but that's where my point is anchored.

Yes, I'm proud of my country, and I also am open-minded about other countries and cultures as well.

I agree with you on the satisfaction survey. I guess that should cover more than the academic aspects, but all others as well.

Is AIM afraid to do that? I dunno.

Regarding cheating: I gave a brief talk during the new MBA students' orientation and I shared that the temptation to do academic dishonesty will come during the 16 months in AIM. I advised the students to resist it at all cost. My fellow student who spoke also advised the students to stay away from it as often as possible. The first WAC of the new batch also centered on honesty and ethics. What I'm saying here is that the issue is now more "open" than before and there has been efforts to instill a new mindset.

However, that being said, I must say that sanctions must be implemented to complete the culture change.

I'll let you in a little secret why AIM is getting few Filipinos: The global & regional competition is better.
Kepyas Sanjib said…
I think quality in AIM is worse.

As an Indian alum I felt little or no relevance for the school.

Too late for me. If you still have a choice don't consider going.

Placement also blows. That guy handling placement shouldnt be there. Maintenance and security maybe..

@Anonymous 3:

"They are smelly, rude, cheating scum of this earth."

Tell me, do Indians have a monopoly on those unenviable characteristics? Can't Europeans or North Americans be "smelly, rude& cheating"?

If you strongly believe so with conviction, then you're from an era decades past.

Sorry to hear that. But, Sanjib, I seriously doubt that is your real name, and I equally doubt if you're Indian. :P
Kepyas Sanjib said…
Why don't you check my name out at the alumni office with Atienza egghead.

Batch '94 from Mumbai

Sorry, you're not in the alumni list for Batch 1994.
Ron said…
Hey guys, I find your comments both amusing and informative. I'm a Fil-Am who *was* interested in going to AIM because it had a reputation for being good, but from what everyone is saying, I think I'm better off going somewhere else.

To Regnard, from reading your comments, you sound like a naive person.

Thanks for dropping by. Happy holidays!
Komaldeep Sodhi said…
Why are people here too baised on AIM Institute, Indians and offcourse on Regnard. Its not the Institute that matters, but it is its students that make it a great learning place. I am aware of the fact that AIM looks for the brightest candidates from across the world and you must also accept that Indians are way ahead in terms of academics than any part of the world. You'll see more indians on Wallstreet, NASA etc. Citibanks CEO is an Indian and same is for Pepsico. So by saying that Indians are the ones who resort to cheating or other cheap activities is too naive a statement to be made.

You guys seem too pessimist and offhand without even knowing the facts.

I recently gave AIMAT exam at bangalore. This was conducted by AIM alumni from India, I happened to interact with some of AIM grads from India after my exam and was really pleased with their demeanor. They told us some stories from their learning experience at AIM, the friendly fillipinos etc. I belive any institute will provide you with all that is required of it, you just have to go with an open mind :)

@ Regnard: Correct me if i made a wrong statement. You're doing a great job. Keep it up :)

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