The Macroeconomic Dilemma

DO I SLEEP OR DO I NOT SLEEP? Just got home after meeting up with friends. After the hopefully going-to-be regular habit of jogging with some of my classmates (no group name yet), I proceeded to Glorietta on foot to meet up with them. We had dinner at HG Rockstar, the former Heaven and Eggs "breakfast restaurant".

Strange to eat breakfast food of toast, sausage and egg during dinner. But it wouldn't seem that odd if I considered the fact that we were going to have our Macroeconomics Midterms tomorrow at the 9 in the morning. Something, which some of the upperclassmen even advised us, to just relax and go watch a movie instead of spending the whole night and morning reviewing. It seems that our professor, had very high expectation which no one actually had a chance to even reach a break-even point. Anyhow, I'm sure everyone is spending the night reviewing alone, or in a group and I hope we all get good grades.

As for me, I did some reviewing last night thanks to the help of some friends in school. Right now though, I'm thinking of whether I should read some more or just go and rest my brain and sleep.

Cohort 3 (the graduating batch) is having their party tonight somewhere. Apparently a good number from their batch had received offers from Cognizant and they'll be treating the rest of their batch to drinks and stuff. Congratulations to them! We'll get there soon enough =)

But for now, I hope Cohort 5 makes best use of the remaining hours before the big midterm exam. Good luck everyone! Whether we study our butts off tonight or not, let's not forget to also have some time left for rest. As one classmate once said, "Let go."

May we all do our best in tomorrow's exam! Good luck everyone!


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