There are many things to be afraid of,and for an MBA student, one of these fears is to be the lowest of the low in the batch, to be the outlier among outliers, to be the cream of the crap, and to fail when others have high probabilities to succeed.

We all probably have this fear. Despite our best efforts, we might not be getting the ideal results that we wanted to. Despite the best learning team composition, the smartest geniuses, the best team effort, the best school, the best mentors, sometimes some people just have greater propensities for failure.

A few weeks ago, I was worrying about my Language of Business (Accounting) and my Quantitative Analysis classes. Nowadays, LOB has been reduced to a sunk cost in some ways, and QA, while hope is still there, is seen as something salvageable. From these two subjects, new anxieties arise in the form of FM1 (Financial management 1) and in some ways MCP or our Management of Costs and Profits Class. Sounds similar to accounting? In some ways they are.

Comparing my performance to my batchmates is like comparing bananas to banana splits. Similar, but distant in some ways. Still, like anything, the most important point is, to not give up. I was always thinking about this idea in school that if not academically, we are all sort of in the bottom point and are failing by default. The only way left then for us is up. Like real managers, we exist to manage problems besides making many successes.

I was telling a friend to not worry about having nightmares and I end up dreaming of zombies overunning the place where I lived. (I lived in a building, with emergency stairs containing nothing but the garbage chute) At the Asian Institute of Management, we are all like zombies sometimes, trudging along, lacking sleep, looking scary whenever we do, and moving as a throng, when we crowd, it gets scary. Imagine if we eventually figured out to run and chase after our goals!

picture taken from the new Zombieland movie here.



Don't worry too much. I'm sure you'll pull through. :)
Yeah we will! We just had our first group session with our mentor who happens to be Prof. Ricky Lim. He had some good words to say. I'll post some details when I can organize my thoughts hehe. Good luck also with your endeavors!

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