September 12, 2008

Left Out

Imagine there's a party like, say, an AIM BeerPub, an event that is known to get people from different groups or factions together and have them know each other better and socialize. And you know that this type of event has  always been open with little restrictions, if any.

How would you feel if you hear that you're not supposed to be there?

"Left high and dry," "left out in the cold," "excluded"?

No matter how you would describe it, the feeling sucks, right? You probably would feel a little slighted, but then again, you will try to grab a good and logical explanation why things are turning out that way. However, at that point you are already irrational and no matter what people tell you, you will feel you were shut out and decide to hole up and ignore the whole event, and think you have better ways of spending your time.

Yeah, this is a rant. A whiny rant at that.


Master Dyo said...

hahaha what the hell? Don't start going emo, man...

Regnard Raquedan said...

Well, you started the trend. hehehe :P

Y said...

well i thot it was a welcome party given by the seniors until i reached there. but anyways did u need an invite ? it was open to all and everyone was there

Regnard Raquedan said...


Yeah, there are official invites that are sent out. Otherwise, you'll just be gatecrashing on someone else's event, which is looked down upon and something I don't want to do. :P