A Step Ahead

The Pre-MBA course's pace is just unbelievable. We cover topics in a day that some would consider two week's worth of discussions in a "normal" setting. But I guess the MBA at the Asian Insitute of Management is not "normal" in that sense-- this compressed and highly dense treatment of topics would really compel one to have a sense of urgency to do everything not to lag behind. After all, I AM paying to go through the rigors of business school.

If there's one learning about the MBA I've had this early on, it's to be a step ahead. Knowing the topic beforehand and being a step ahead of what the professor is discussing has yielded some pretty good results for me, particularly on the class participation aspect. At this point, I find the competition is not against the other MBA students but within myself.


We also started on the Data Analysis part of the Pre-MBA course with Prof. Anthony Zosa and so far, the class has been treading more on the traditional pedagogical approach I have been accustomed to. The class discussions have become more interactive, compared to our "Time Value for Money" part with Professor Lim, but there have been trade-offs. There has been more wayward points (at least in my opinion) and some have taken things lightly (perhaps the MBA students with engineering backgrounds find this topic too elementary).

What I observe is that people are slowly getting acclimated with the AIM atmosphere and some are encountering the topics they are familiar with, thus the tendency to claim expertise increases. Well, you take the good, and the bad points of view, even if it makes you want shrug your shoulders and blurt out "Whatever!" inside the classroom.


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