Test Day

We had our Financial Accounting long quiz for the Pre-MBA program and being our very first quiz (although technically this quiz is not graded), I had no expectations but I felt the pressure. It's more like a first date, actually. (uh oh, bad analogy).

What I can say about the exam is I to see who will do good and those who won't. The 85-question multiple choice test gives little room for error as erasures are not allowed and all computations must be shown. I'm thinking the nature of the exam is either you get it or you don't-- If you're done early, you are either studied your ass off or you spent the weekend watching Ratatouille. Personally, I found the quiz not too hard, but not a cakewalk either. I'd rate it a 6.5 out of 10 in terms of difficulty.

The Indian folks in our class didn't seem to have difficulty with the test and I'm not surprised. What I'm surprised about is how they seem to take the exam seriously and really took their time finishing it. It's like watching someone chew his or her food 300 times before swallowing. (bad analogy #2). The rest of us probably left our A-games at home.

I usually have a postmortem with my classmates after an exam but I ended up meeting new folks and even talked to classmates about anything except the exam. And that is good thing because after sleeping late and having consumed more coffee than the entire Colombian population, I needed a bit of a breather.


Speaking of other people in class, I can't help but think if I've made a good first impression. For the the Pre-MBA program, we are 71 in the class and that's 70 first impressions to other people. Well, make that 66 since I knew three other people from my Interview and Group Discussion and one more from my college days at the University of the Philippines.

I've been told that the challenge in the AIM MBA is not just dealing the classes but also with the classmates. So far, I feel I'm doing OK. If dealing with people is a test, I've probably scored a decent, but not stellar, grade. I hope to get that number up soon.


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