Another Blogger from AIM

I'd like to cite one of my MBA classmates who is into blogging-- Ravi Shekhar.

He shares his thoughts on the Pre-MBA program we're taking. To quote his blog:

Probably it has something to do with the fact that its been almost 5 years now when I'd last lived a student life but I'm sure finding it difficult to cope with the pressure. Now what am I supposed to do today?? Even If I don' sleep tonight as I've to read more than 100 pages of theory and have to solve many problems alongwith submitting an assignment what will I do tomorow then?? As therz going to be a quiz on day after tomorrow!!!

It's very interesting to we have the same sentiments on how to cope with the Pre-MBA pressure so far. But I'm sure we'll all push through. Are there any more AIM bloggers out there?


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