Bollywood Villain

The person shown in the image above is Gulshan Grover, a well-known Bollywood actor. Why is his face appearing on a blog about MBA at the Asian Institute of Management? Well, there's a little story behind that.

Yesterday, August 10, 2007, we had a team building activity where the whole MBA class was divided into learning teams and each team were asked to do a couple of activities. Our group was composed of four Indians, two Filipinos and one British-Filipino. The theme of the team building activity was working on cross-cultural teams. The day was split in two sessions-- a task that had each individual assess his or her sources of excitement and anxiety when relating to people of different cultures and a group activity called "The Amazing Lunch," where each group had to do something adventurous together.

Given that the majority of the group was comprised of Indians, the reference to Bollywood came from the unlikeliest of places. During our group discussion and reflection on The Amazing Lunch, one group member, the indefatigable Madhu, said that he had some apprehensions initially because I looked like a Bollywood villain! While I did not take any offense, I actually found it funny. I guess the activity achieved its purpose because our group was able to achieve the goal of the activity and each one of us treated everyone with respect and trust.

Bollywood villain, eh? This is probably what Madhu had in mind:


Don said…
Regnard have choosen the wrong villain. Check out Amrish Puri :):):).Dude your blogs are truely nice....

Hi Madhu!

Yeah, you're right. Amrish Puri is closer to how I look like. :P

Sandip said…
The pic is too fuzzy to really compare him to any Bollywood villian. And why villian? Regnard, you looks relatively smart. I would say more of the young strapping Dara Singh. ;-)

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Om Shanti Om

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