First of Many Fridays

August 17, 2007 will remembered by the first batch of AIM 16-month MBA students as their first WAC night. WAC or Written Analysis of Cases is a stand-alone course where students are required to write a paper relating to our other courses (Language of Business, Quantitative Analysis, Marketing Management, etc.) on a case analysis format. We get our cases and instructions on a Friday at 5 o'clock and we are supposed to submit the paper on the following Saturday at 8 o'clock in the morning.

The WAC course is one of the hallmarks of taking one's MBA at the Asian Institute of Management. Writing an analytical paper on a topic yet to be announced with the extraordinary time constraint, I would imagine, would be taxing and laborious. Another kicker in the situation is that each paper would be checked and evaluator by a different person every week, therefore, a good paper you write will get good grades this week and using the same approach can get you a low mark the next.

I personally think it's a hit or miss proposition for us MBA students. A professor shared before that some WACs can be nailed in an hour, some would take more than the required time. So, I'm really not expecting much from myself in terms of performance for the first WAC. My gut tells me that the case we will get later would be on the Language of Business course that would focus on Financial Accounting. Let's see how it will play out.


As if spoiling the excitement brewing for the WAC, our MC (Management Communication) class had us watch a pair of movies on public speaking. While the movies themselves weren't that bad (well, they're not Oscar material either), what annoyed me and probably the whole class was the poor quality of the DVD. (Perhaps the DVD got scratched from overuse).

What made the whole exercise worse was the audio skips and scratches and pixel blocks on the visuals were made very apparent by the good sound and visual system on the SGV case room. People found it more entertaining and worthwhile to heckle some members of the class.

I would suggest getting new movies for this portion of the MC class so that the class time would be better put to use.


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