Fixer Upper

MBA classes have been gaining steam this week and it was inevitable for me to feel the pressure. The past few days have been characterized by sleep deprivation, increased consumption of caffeine and the urge to argue with anybody in sight (especially in class). Judging from the decreasing energy from the members in the class, it's safe to say I am not the only one hitting the wall, so to speak.

So when we had our communication workshop for our Management Communication (MC) activity yesterday, I felt it was a great way to release the stress and tension everybody was feeling. Our facilitator for the workshop, the talented and accomplished Ms. Ana Valdez-Lim (or Teacher Ana), lead the session on Improvisational acting or "improv," which aimed to help us be at ease during public communication.

We had a few improv actors to help get the session going and our class had a chance to do some improv acting exercises where everybody was practically jumping up and down, making weird sounds and dancing freely. I'm sure everyone in the class would have had some trouble being more open on a different situation, but Teacher Ana did such a great job leading everyone. Over-all, I could say that the improv workshop is highlight of my week at AIM.


A few hours after the MC session yesterday, we had our first quiz in our Language of Business (LOB) class. I studied long and hard the night before and I was tired all right. If there's one thing I learned from studying for this quiz it is the fact that I was going through our LOB class with the wrong notions on a few accounting concepts. It's only by studying I really understood realization, matching, conservatism and materiality in the accounting context. I was basically winging this past two weeks of class.

Our exam had 40 items and it was a mix of concepts questions and application of accounting. I felt OK after the exam and the fact that I was thinking through all the questions is a big departure from my earlier quizzes.

I did get my score a while ago and I got a pretty decent score: 28/40 or 70%. While I still had lots of careless mistakes, I feel good about my score. I can definitely improve some more and there are a few more quizzes to go.


While I'm having a bit of a struggle with LOB, I can't say the same about my Quantitative Analysis (QA) class. I actually feel very comfortable with the subject and I guess my six years in Engineering at the University of the Philippines really trained me to treat numbers as my friends. (Well, with SIX years in Engineering, I better feel that way).

Some of my classmates have been having a harder time in QA and I've been very accommodating in helping them out by having mini-tutorials when I have the time. We had the exam a while ago and I'm hoping my "students" get a good grade.

This is probably a learning I'm getting gradually: Help people out and try to get help yourself. I haven't been stellar in LOB or Economics (ECO), but I've asked of help on some areas, the same way I've helped people in QA.


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