Losing Grip

Pressure is defined as the amount of force per unit of area. Imagine a strong force being applied to a city block. That's the pressure here in AIM.

I have to admit, I really thought the pressure couldn't get any higher than the levels of the Pre-MBA, where everyone was hellbent on catching up on Financial Accounting. Well, the pressure seems to be rising and coming from all sides as the days go by-- undue stress from dealing with the expectations in class, CAN group discussions, personal matters inside and outside of AIM is really hitting the roof.

Where is this pressure coming from? Here's my list:
  1. Quizzes - We have two major quizzes this week and I'm not yet that confident with my knowledge and skills. I've performed rather poorly in an exam (albeit ungraded), and I really want to do better. Management of this pressure is contingent on my study efficiency, time management and retention.
  2. CAN Group Discussions - Dealing with people is never 100% perfect and my CAN group is no exception. People need to recognize that there is a time to speak up and a time to step back and listen. I guess the time to impress people in the class is practically over-- people just need to work it and that applies to me as well.
  3. Classes - Class Participation, or CP, is the lifeblood of the performance of an MBA student in AIM. To get good CP, a student must participate meaningfully and provide quality to the discussions inside the classroom. Pressure to prepare and say insightful things in class will be there.
I know I just need to step away for a while and look things from a different perspective-- Ask questions like "Where is all this pressure rooted from?" and "Is it practical to feel pressured because other people are pressured?" The answers to those questions like those are definitely valuable to me at this juncture.


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