Momentary Glory

Glory is fleeting indeed.

I went to Ateneo to pick up my graduation kit. It consists of the regalia (graduation dress), the graduation cap, program, tickets and my full set of graduation pictures (I'll upload them soon.). I really felt proud that I'm done with my MS in Information Management and there's really nothing like walking around the campus as a graduation candidate. You feel that sense of entitlement.

But like waking from a nice dream, I went to AIM and boom-- the second brain-busting Financial Accounting exam was in front of me. The exam really shows that finance is one of the Asian Institute of Management's strong points (and one of my improvement areas). AIM MBA students are expected to have the knowledge of a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) by the the time the financial courses are done. I'm sure that possible, but it's like expecting a newbie programmer to be a SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer) in two months-- It's possible, but it's a tall order.

The exam also marks the end of the Pre-MBA program for the incoming MBA students. We covered the following topics in two weeks of classes:
  1. Basic Financial Statements
  2. The Accounting Cycle
  3. Merchandising
  4. Financial Assets
  5. Inventories
  6. Plant and Tangible Assets
  7. Liabilities
  8. Stockholder's Equity
  9. Income and Retained Earnings
  10. Cash Flows
  11. Financial Statement Analysis
  12. Time Value of Money
  13. Data Analysis

That's a lot of ground to cover in 20 hours of class time. If I'm not mistaken, Prof. Tan said the Harvard Business School's Pre-MBA program only covers up to the Accounting Cycle part. Prof. Tan also shared that AIM MBA graduates are expected to be like supermen/women once thrust into industry. I totally believe and expect that, but after the Financial Accounting quiz, I just feel like a big lump of kryptonite was shoved in my face.

Oh well, we all know Superman pulls through in the end.


mac.n.tux said…
Good luck on your MBA! You'll meet my HS classmate who teaches there - Rolando Averilla (best friend of Sonny Trillanes, yes, the Senator).
Hi Rommel!

Thanks for your support! :)

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