Placement of Confidence

Yesterday, AIM's Career Management Services (CMS) held an orientation for the first year MBA students. While the content of the orientation is very informative, one set of statistic struck me: In 2006, the MBA class graduates were placed 100%.

What makes this very relevant to me is that when I was doing my research for a business school, one of the flags that going to the Asian Institute of Management was its approach to student career placement: it was all up to the student! I was reading through a few forums dated 2004 and the feedback on the career placement was generally negative.

The CMS was created in 2005 to address the placement concerns and the rise of placement rates was meteoric since. Three years in to coordinating with companies via trips and on-campus recruitment, the CMS was able to turn a virtual zero into 100%. I guess that puts our batch and future MBA classes in very good hands, career-wise.


Another activity we had during the CMS Orientation was the election of Student Placement Representatives. Our batch was to select six students (three from each section) to coordinate with the CMS in the placement and recruitment initiatives. That means this group will be a bit busy, especially when campus recruitment and graduation time are approaching.

For our section's election, I was nominated to be one of the Placement Representatives. While I thought I could help in the technology sector, I really felt there were others who can add value and experience to the post (There are a handful of HR folks from our lot). I really felt honored that a lot of people think I can do the job, although I figured me winning a spot would mean a person who would be better at this would be losing out. Thus, I discouraged people to vote for me, literally by making the people lower their hands when the voting came.

In the end, I lost the election for the Placement Representative spot but it was a batch victory in the process. :)


Congrats to the new set of Placement Representatives! (Section A) Kapil Dhar, Dilip Mansukhani, Maya Perez; (Section B) Parashant Batra, Sandeep Sharma and Diamond Joy Uy.


PrashantBatra said…
thanks man ! good that we have a balance of local as well as international reps.. btw get well soon!

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