Shoveling Crap

The good thing about MBA at AIM is the professors are receptive and sensitive enough to know when a student is spewing out motherhood "world peace" that borders on being classified as fluffy crap type of answers during discussions. The bad thing though is some students take some time to know when to get a clue when the facilitating professor is cuing that student to hit the breaks.

Our classes in the last two days are generally manageable. We had our first sessions for Marketing Management (MM) under Prof. Jose Miranda and Management Communication (MC) under Prof. Gloria Chan yesterday. Those two subjects provide sanctuary from the Language of Business class of Prof. Larry Tan. Then today, we got our first taste of Human Behavior and Organization (HBO) under Prof. Jun Borromeo and Economics (ECO) under Prof. Federico Macaranas.

Our HBO class has got to be most open field for "world peace" and "touchy feely" discussions. I won't cite names but I was practically holding my jaw from dropping when I was hearing what I think is crap from some people in the MBA class. I may be too critical but, some people sounded like salesmen, copywriters and mouthpieces. It's good that Prof. Borromeo was frank and had control of the case discussion. Otherwise, we might as well have a question and answer portion of a beauty contest in class.

It's only Day 3 from the AIM MBA but I feel I have heard a years worth of the head-scratching, eye-brow-raising and stupefying statements.


marian said…
as you "grow" in MBA, you will learn to be more critical of CPs and even cases and readings that are just BS and motherhood...your class will also learn to develop norms (hello HBO!) that are meant to "boo" students who just say BS in class...all the best!:)
Hi Marian!

Thanks for dropping by. The class is settling a bit and the BS level fell in the past week. I hope it continues that way. :)

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