Young MBA Graduate

I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but there's a running joke in our class (at least in our section) about "The Young MBA Graduate", made famous by our Economics professor, Dr. Federico Macaranas.

As Prof. Macaranas' story goes, he gives little nuggets of wisdom to this unnamed and fictitious young MBA graduate (hence the name) who struggles mightily in Economics. Prof. Macaranas would share little parables of how knowing Economics separates the good MBA's from the rest and having little Economics knowledge can get you fired.

I guess the fact that the class jokes about it a lot, even on other classes, is a truism to the notion that comedy is about truth (Economics is a difficult course) and pain (We, as students of the Economics class, are screwed). Maybe its our way of coping with the stress and pressures of MBA school life.

Call it a joke or a coping mechanism or whatever you like. In the end, that is what we students want to be: a Young MBA Graduate.


The last WAC was a bummer: I got a P-. The topic was Human Behavior in Organizations (HBO) and that's a dangerous topic to have in a WAC, since it's a wide open field which I think I'm prone to analyze the case the wrong way. There are many variables to consider, such as the culture, human nature, the case facts and the underlying information.

Today's WAC is a Management Communcation (MC) case. I hope I can deliver the goods this time.


Speaking of grades, AIM's grading system is this:

Distinction D 94
Distinction minus D- 92 Excellent
High Pass plus HP+ 90
High Pass HP 88 Very Good
High Pass minus HP- 86
Pass plus P+ 84 Good
Pass P 82 Satisfactory
Pass minus P- 80 Passing
Low Pass plus LP+ 78 Failing
Low Pass LP 76
Low Pass minus LP- 74
Unsatisfactory U 70

It's a bit different from the common grading system here in the Philippines where most schools use a 1.0-5.0 grading scale (such as the University of the Philippines) or the 4.0-1.0 scale (Ateneo and De La Salle). So don't be surprised if you hear an AIM student rejoicing when he says he received a grade of D. ;)


Y said…
Congrats Regnard, can see the excitement in your post.

So ready to face the real world you "Young MBA graduate" :))))

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