The AIM Blogger is now at BusinessWeek MBA Blogs

I am very pleased to announce that The AIM Blogger now appears at the BusinessWeek MBA Blogs.

Aptly titled The AIM Blogger at BusinessWeek, this edition of The AIM Blogger would contain excepts and capsules of this blog and would act as a jumping point for readers/subscribers of BusinessWeek. Given the free time we have this break, I figured it's a great opportunity extend the reach of The AIM Blogger. (Although, I doubt people will find my struggles in finance and economics an interesting read.)


While my other classmates are in Baguio, Boracay or Puerto Galera for the break, I'm just satisfied with a cozy, quiet week. I'll probably visit go to a short trip in some nice spot near Manila to relax.

Besides, with our nearing deadline in Marketing Management (MM) and quizzes in Language of Business (LOB) and Economics next week, I really don't think I can afford to spend that much time relaxing. ;)


I passed by the AIM campus and I had the good luck of getting a free sampling of Yolpait Hi-Lo yogurt. (Yoplait is an Australian brand and is distributed by locally by San Miguel.)

However, what bad timing for this move by the marketing agency hired by San Miguel. 80% of the AIM student population is on break! They missed a whole lot by setting the free sampling this week. (An oversight perhaps?) A real marketing snafu, if you ask me.


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