Burdened with Adversity

I love Financial Accounting.


Today gave me another reason to look up to finance folks. We had our third exam for our Language of Business (LOB) which focused on bonds and stocks. I have to say my previous results of 28/40 (70%) for the first exam and 22/30 (73%) for the second exam will not be replicated or even be in the vicinity of my exam today. The lack of time preparing coupled with the complicated topic is a recipe for a forgettable exam score.

This is probably the first exam here in AIM that matches the Engineering Science (ES) exams I had in U.P. Diliman in terms of pure difficulty. In ES, we are given three to four mind-melting problem solving questions where we to solve in 2-3 hours. For this exam, we are given an hour to answer 30 questions, half of which are relating three finance problems. Wrong answers will not get partial credit. (Ack!) While we had our trusty spreadsheet apps available, if your laptop fails you, you are screwed.

Like I said, my respect for finance people increase by the day I spend here in AIM. How do those guys and gals do it?


The "Young MBA Graduate" phenomenon is taking a life of its own in the last couple of weeks. I blogged about it two weeks ago and things have picked up recently. A fellow MBA student created a ringtone based a sample of Prof. Macaranas' Economics lectures. He sampled the Super Mario Brothers theme and spliced the sound bite. Here's the ringtone:

If you want a version you can upload on your mobile phone, feel free to contact me.


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