Cubs' Night, Part 1

We had our Cubs' Night last September 7, 2007 at the Zen Garden and it was a luau-themed party thrown by the seniors. People had a great time and, more importantly, were able to unwind a bit amidst the stress of studying. (Yay!) It also meant we did not have any WAC for this Friday (Hooray!)

So what is the Cubs' Night? It is a tradition in AIM where the seniors would throw a welcome party to the juniors. Seniors are referred to as Tigers and Juniors are fondly called Cubs, thus the name of the event. Correspondingly, we first years will throw a party called Tigers' Night as a send-off to the seniors at some point next year.

I literally rocked at the event as my classmate Pia Sanedrin and I opened the event with an acoustic-rock performance of Alanis Morissette's Head Over Feet and The Cranberries' Linger. Here are some photos from Cheska Herrera:
Pia (right) and I were rockin' the house.
Cubs' Night
The performance was good and the crowd was very generous.
Cubs' NightI'll probably share more on the Cubs' Night in the next few days. LOB Quiz #3 and QA Quiz #2 are coming up and I need to hit the books as I write. Kudos to the seniors for throwing a mighty fine party and we're looking to return the favor real soon.


pet said…
astig! i really like your black guitar.
Thanks! Will post more pics soon. :)
pet said…
how about videos?

I'm not aware of any videos taken. :(

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