Out of Commission

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I've been out sick for the last few days and it caused me to miss two days worth of classes. That's a lot in terms of the covered topics, especially in the Language of Business (LOB) and Quantitative Analysis (QA) classes. It's good that I'm a badass in QA, but very bad that I'm a wimp in LOB. I have a lot of catching up to do, no thanks to getting hospitalized.

The fun, however, started when I got out of the hospital. I learned from my dorm roommates who are seniors that they heard of a news of a first year MBA student who collapsed and had to be carried out of AIM to be brought to the nearest hospital (which is the Makati Medical Center). That story, apparently, triggered a slight scare that prompted some students to have Bird Flu shots. I can't blame them, but that's the rumor machine running for ya.

With that, I started a joke about my condition when people were asking what I was diagnosed with. I just replied, "I got infected with The AIM Virus." After 5 seconds of looking at a quizzed facial expression from the asking person, I told them my joke and just shared a few details of the bacterial infection I had.


If the fictitious AIM Virus was real, I'd say the symptoms are:
  • Desire to avoid sleep
  • Urge to speak your opinion no matter what
  • Calling Class Participation (CP) "My Precious"
  • Shuddering when hearing anything that sounds like "LOB"
  • Eating MM for breakfast, MC for lunch and HBO for dinner.

On a serious note, I feel great that a lot of people were asking how I was on my first day back to class. Even students from the other section showed some concern. I guess that's a sign that the MBA batch I am part of is really a good bunch. So, I'll take this opportunity to thank everyone who showed support and concern-- Thanks to all of you!


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