Tapped Out

If my stay in AIM is a TV series, this day would be the season-ender for the first season. Here's why I think so:
  1. After today, us MBA freshies will have a one week break, where we will be back on October 1st.
  2. Also, this day also set-up what we have in store when we come back. We got our case packs and three new subjects will be introduced to us: Financial Management 1 (FM1), Operations Management (OM) and Management Control (MCP).
  3. The past few days have been full of tension, both from the academic and non-academic fronts. This situation is a perfect fit for Hollywood-style tension building-- lots of question marks, some bits of drama and intrigue. It makes you look forward what going to happen next.
With all this going on, I feel my energy level is at a low. From the school work point of view, we had a lot on our plate this past week: we had two Language of Business (LOB) quizzes, I had my speech in Management Communication (MC) and covering ground for our CAN group's Marketing Management (MM) project and the lecture by WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy. (It's a lot and to think that we had our Economics moved to after the break.)

Even more draining are the results so far: I got a low score in the first LOB quiz for the week (a measly 14/30), I have been struggling with the Economics classes under our Microeconomics professor, Dr. Patt Lontoc, and my I felt I bombed in my last LOB quiz. I also have been getting less and less sleep by the day. It's really enough to put anybody in a mean funk and want to tap out.

So, with today's "season-ender," I hope things will get better as soon as the break is over.


Silver linings: The week has its share of good news, though. I got a nice grade in our last Quantitative Analysis (QA) exam (17/20) and my speech in MC had very favorable reviews.


Admission Tip: I've just learned that the admission essay questions have been cut from 14 to 4. That's a great thing for applicants for the next batch of MBA students.


It's Final: Our batch is officially been designated as MBA 2009, as declared by Associate Dean Ricky Lim. We hopefully graduate on December 2008, but I guess for consistency (since the seniors this year are the official 2008 graduating batch), we get the 2009 label.


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