AIM Career Placement Update 1

I read in an Asia Inc. article about the good prospects for MBA graduates and AIM was mentioned as having improved its placement for its students, thanks to the efforts of the Career Management Services (CMS).

Staying true to its mission, the CMS has already lined up several career talks and recruitment events for graduating MBA students and internship opportunities for us MBA first years. Some of the companies that have presented and will present in the next month include:
With all that's going on in the placements, I personally hope that the perception of AIM of being bad is placements is going to change.


Sunny said…
Hi Raquedan,

Can you please let me know what are the chances for a IT proffesional to change his career field to Finance or Investment Banking??

I mean are you aware of such cases in your batch?

Also what are the chances of such success?

Please do reply me....
May reply on my email too..

Thanks in advance
Hello Sunny!

The chances are very good.

People who passed the Chartered Financial Analyst exams last June were from primarily from engineering & IT backgrounds. :)
Anonymous said…

the CFA has three (3) levels, the 1st level is the easiest, almost everybody passes it, however only a few passes all three (3) levels, until one has passed all three (3) levels, he/she has no business calling himself/herself CFA

I assume you passed all three exams?
Anonymous said…
no, not even 1, i did not bother/attempt to take those exams. i'm not a finance person, i'm not even in the corporate world,my only point is that everybody passes the 1st level, it's not a big deal, the 2nd and 3rd levels however are big deals
Sunny said…
Thanks a lot Raquedan....

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