The Economics Research Report

I was thinking of possible titles for this post and what I came up with were "All That Work for What?" and "MBA: Where Weekends go to Die," (I'll use those titles later) but I was a feeling a bit nice so I'll just cite the latest object of my consternation: our Economics Research Report.

Our class spent this last weekend to work on the assigned work for our Economics class. Prof. Patt Lontoc gave us a briefing about it last Friday and the project is the Economic Research Report, a paper based on a specific analytical framework for assessing the financial and economic feasibility of a case.

This report was manageable on its own, but given how we have been grappling with our subjects like Financial Management (FM), Management of Cost and Profit (MCP) and Quantitative Analysis (QA), this report was a back breaker. Another thing that raised the complexity of this project was the fact we were given new groupings, very different from our usual CAN groups. This move added some overhead on our effort as we had to communicate and coordinate with a different set of people.

And so we worked on Sunday and finished in the late hours of the day. So when the presentation times came, we were expecting better feedback from the evaluation panel. Guess what? All we got were grilling and nitpicking, and I felt our group was given insufficient time to present our analysis completely.

Sounds like real life.


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