Exam Scores and Cold Calls

Man, Mondays like these make me want to wish it was Friday already.

The culprits: the result of my Management of Cost and Profit (MCP) quiz and the class we had today in MCP. (Hmmm... is MCP a new nemesis for me in my quest for MBA glory?)

First, the exam. I had probably the lowest exam in my stay here in AIM to the tune of 2.5/25 or a meager 10%! I saw this coming as soon as I finished the exam last week. I really felt I wanted to request for a do-over of the exam since it wasn't that hard (at least mathematically) but I wasn't able to study. (OK fine, I admit it.)

The last week was such a doozy that all aspects of my life (personal, blogging, etc.) took a hit from my school-related activities. The MCP quiz was really a casualty of my inability to manage my time better and desire to maintain a life. (Yes, I do desire that.)

The more frustrating of the duo was the class we had earlier. I got a cold call form the indefatigable Prof. Mau Bolante and I practically clammed up. Well, silenced is a better term. He asked me out of the blue of my summary of the last case we had, which was about allocation of cost, and I dropped the ball. The reason? I didn't take notes the last time and I really had to sacrifice some subjects to focus on others. Too bad for me MCP again was a casualty.

What's the lesson here? Time to focus and do it efficiently. Given that I'm not exactly one of the "Grade A" students in our batch, I really should avoid the sloppy work and time management I had the past week. Also, I should try to get some sleep.


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