We had probably one of the most intensive class days yesterday when we had three straight classes then followed by the Language of Business (LOB) Final Exam for the coup de grace.

This loaded day was heavy with quant subjects: Quantitative Analysis (QA), Financial Management 1 (FM1) and the Operations Management (OM). Incidentally, this was our first session for OM. We met our teacher for this class, Prof. Fernando Roxas, for the first time. The OM session was an introduction and we didn't discuss a case (thank goodness).

The LOB final exam was a difficult case and we were given four hours to analyze and answer the questions relating to it. After the exam, I overhead the finance folks in the class discussing the answers and realizing that I totally missed some of the items in the exam. Don't you just hate it when that happens? You pour your heart and soul in an exam and you feel a sense of achievement as you pass you paper only have your hopes crumpled in an instant?

Yesterday was a loaded day indeed.


On a lighter note, we also had a new class and it is Management of Cost and Profit (MCP) today. Our teacher is the very animated (think Jim Carrey) Prof. Maurino "Mau" Bolante. Maybe it's me, but Prof. Bolante is so hyper that our class is going to have something to look forward to whenever we have our MCP class. Who knows? Everybody in class may have a new ringtone by the end of MCP. :)


MBA students in AIM have an internship subject which is called Action Consultancy or "AC." The AC for our 16-month MBA batch is scheduled on May 5, 2008 to June 20, 2008. I'm not sure what are the details of this course is, but I know it may entail the student to go outside of the country to become an intern to an enterprise based in, say Singapore or Hong Kong or the United States.

The AIM Career Management Service (CMS) is arranging to have an interactive resume book for our batch to be given to companies who interested in hiring AIM MBA interns for our respective AC's. I think that's a very good idea. The previous batches also have this interactive resume book.

However, what I'm a bit miffed about is how we can't give pictures for the resume book. Thus, we were required to have our photos taken by an official photographer. I do get the rationale of having a uniform look and picture quality, but what makes this series of events iffy to me is the lead time we got for the photo session. I learned about the photo shoot today last Tuesday. I would have wanted to wear my own clothes for the pictorials.

To make this interactive resume book less controversial, the CMS sent each student a copy of the contract from the resume book supplier. If you ask me, disclosing the figures was a good move because some students were questioning production cost.

I believe the CMS and the student reps are acting for everybody's good and I'm optimistic future project implementations will be smoother.


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