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In any school, you only need three essential elements: the building, the students and the teachers. And one thing that makes AIM a world-class institution is its roster of experienced faculty. However, amidst the PHD's and professional accolades, there's one thing I have come to appreciate: Teacher's in AIM are funny in their own little way.

In the three months I've been here, I can classify the teacher humor in two schools: The Witty school and The Mau Bolante school.

The Witty school is the type of humor that picks its spots. Prof. Larry Tan and Prof. Ricky Lim actually belong to this school, as with most of the faculty. This picks the class up as it combines sarcasm, deadpan jokes and wordplay to build up a humorous situation. However, this humor requires good execution and a good sense to avoid green jokes. Thankfully most faculty pull this off with a good rate of success.

The Mau Bolante school is a category on its own: his Management of Cost and Profit (MCP) class is a riot most of the time. His humor is very kinetic and high energy, and is more involved. He harmlessly pokes fun at people and even teases "romantic pairs" in the class (I'll probably blog about this soon). His humor is really a "hit or miss" thing.

Life in AIM is hard enough and thanks to the teachers' humor, even if it is the pressure is high, we students still have a something to laugh about.


This day also marks the last session we have with Prof. Larry Tan. He had taught us since the Pre-MBA program in Financial Accounting and the Language of Business (LOB) and the first half of Financial Management (FM) in the MBA program proper.

Prof. Tan has been instrumental in instilling a sense of work ethic to the class and guiding the MBA batch in the early days. I'd like to take this chance to thank him, both on a personal and professional level.


PrashantBatra said…
I would like to join you to salute Prof Tan, he handheld us while we learnt to swim through the swamps of 2 finance subjects!!

cheers !

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