AIM Career Placement Update 2: Recruiter's Night

Two weeks ago, AIM's Career Management Services held the Recruiter's Night. The Recruiter's Night is an event where companies took the time to talk to AIM students with the possible opportunity of hiring them, as well as a time to network. A lot of companies, both local and foreign, set-up during the event, which focused on the graduating batch of MBA students.

For us MBA first years, the event was also a time to look for our internships for next year.

Thanks to Cheska Herrera, here are some pictures of the event:

CAN groupmates (L-R): Ravi Shekhar, Reetesh Bhargava, Ruchak Metha, Karen Sumcio, Wang Shu, Russ Lo and Amit Kumar Vijay

MBA Girls (L-R): Karen Sumcio, Cheska Herrera, Jen Valenzuela and Nina Laquindanum

Ready for Recruiter's Night (L-R): Franks Shrope, Paolo Tomas, Me, Karen Sumcio, Michelle Yap and Starrie Sun


Anonymous said…
I deferred my admisson last year and will be joining this year. Please update the career placement scene for this year.

Hi Abishek!

Placement has been improving, and there has been no shortages of placement announcements. It's really based on your career plans on how you play you cards. :)

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