And We're Back

The bad, no the worst, thing about having a break, no matter how short it is, the moment you go back to your normal routine, it's just a tough thing getting into back into the groove.

That's what I'm going through after the short break we had to start this month.

However, my break isn't really a break in the sense that I get to relax. As a matter of fact, it's the total opposite! I was in two major car collisions in the span of a week and the last one, which happened during the break, really shook me up. While it couldn't be said about the car I was driving, I'm really glad nothing really serious happened to me.

This week seems to be very loaded with two Financial Management (FM) exams and our midterms for Economics. It would be a lot more manageable if I wasn't preoccupied with the coordination of repair of the two vehicles I was driving and my move out of the dorm (more into this in a future post.)

I'm definitely back to AIM life.


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