The Day The Doctor Won

When it comes to my health, I'm generally stubborn-- the last time I got sick and needed hospitalization, I defiantly opted to forgo the hospital and just take a couple of days off. Perhaps it's my pride again. I've tended to think my body can withstand a great deal of stress, especially having figured in a couple of car crashes a few weeks back.

However, my body started to stagger two weeks ago when I was going to school with fever and coughing. I thought it was one of those routine stress bouts MBA students usually face, so I slugged on. Although I was feeling more weak by the day, I attended classes for that week and even took the sit-down Written Analysis of Cases (WAC), which was a Marketing Management (MM) case, two Saturdays ago. Little did I know that it was going to be a while before I do anything school related after that WAC.

I then went home and proceeded to have a medical check-up with our family doctor. At that point, I really felt my body was in a severely weakened state. I was admitted at the FEU-NRMF hospital and I thought it was OK, but I couldn't afford to miss any school day. I was hoping I could go home the next day.

To my utter disappointment, the doctor told me that I had pneumonia and I needed 72 hours for the medicine I was taking to take effect. My initial tought was, "Sheesh! I'm going to miss a day of school!" I tried to bargain with my doctor, and she said if I could last a day without a fever, I could leave the hospital. Funny she told me that while I was running a 39.9 degree fever. So much for leaving the hospital in two days.

"I am sorry, but you are REALLY sick," were my doctor's words as she told me that apart from my pneumonia, I tested positive for dengue fever. I sunk in to a slight stupor after that. I then realized that schooling now had to take a backseat-- my well-being had to be my top priority. As much defiant I were in the past, I knew I had to defer to my doctor and actually listen to her.

Now a week after of isolation in the hospital and sleepless nights, I am out of the hospital and still recovering. I'm more concerned with my health, but I'm more concerned about not going back to the hospital.



This is correct because doctor are an angel of human life.

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