Good Bye, Dorm Life

I checked out of the dorm a few hours ago and that marks the end of my 3-month contract of my stay. I stayed in the dorm because it was required for all MBA first years to stay at least three months in the dormitory to help in the adjustment to the rigorous and pressure-packed environment of AIM.

I'll get this out of the way: the dorm is not really a country club or a 5-star suite, but it's really adequate and cozy. If anybody reading this is looking to study in AIM, you will definitely find the experience in living at the dorm a very interesting one, one way or another.

The dorm has 6 floors. The first floor has the lobby, Student Association (SA) room, student pigeon holes, mini-chapel, and the SA cafe. Living quarters for students start at the second floor up to the sixth floor. Ladies stay in the third floor, with a few rooms for males. The fourth up to the sixth house male students exclusively.

I stayed in the Fourth floor of the dorm-- Room 403 to be exact. Our floor occupants generally are MBA students with a few MM students. Since a good number of the people from our floor are MBA first years, our floor virtually never sleeps, especially during WAC nights. You could also imagine the "neatness" of the rooms in our floor, given that we are all manly men in our own little kingdoms.

As a tribute to the three months of my stay in the AIM dorm, I present to you the Fourth Floor:




My room, 403:
My Desktop:
My roommate's Desktop:
After seeing the pictures, you're probably thinking AIM MBA students are a bunch of slobs, but we're just too busy to tidy things up. The rooms in the Third floor, the female wing especially, are very neat and orderly. (I think I should have taken pictures from their floor).


If you intend on staying at the dorm, here's my little list of things to look forward to:
  1. The experience of taking a shower with real-time water temperature variation
  2. The nice room service folks
  3. Someone shouting at the hallway due to sheer frustration
  4. The aroma of what the last person ate at the common dining area
  5. Taking a nice little nap in between classes
Feel free to add to this list. :P


wends said…
hi, i am planning to enroll and was just wondering if you have photos of how the dorms look like and if living in their dorm is required.
Hello Wends!

The photos in this post are the ones I have of the dorm interiors. :)
Ash said…
Regnard Raquedan: I could not see any beds to sleep, just could see the desktops. Does it mean AIM students never sleep? :P Or am I missing something?
@Ash: There are nice beds of course, each room has a common study area.

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