Nothing To Be Happy About Today

The streak continues-- today is not a good day for me.

I have been studying Management of Cost and Profit (MCP) for the last few days since coming off being sick last week in preparation of the quiz today. (If you remember a couple of weeks ago, I made it my personal mission to do good in the next MCP quiz.) The first punch in the gut actually came from that MCP quiz. I missed the quiz completely by focusing on a topic that quiz did NOT cover. A totally frustrating exercise-- I did hit the books, but the result wasn't there. Now only a very good showing in class participation (CP), the last quiz, and the finals can save my ass in MCP. (Ack!)

On a slightly less frustrating note, I got an opportune chance to get some CP for our Financial Management (FM) class, but (surprise!) I dropped the ball by getting dumbfounded. Diminishing glory indeed.

Now, the worst part of the day for me personally was the meeting I had with my mentor, Prof. Jun Borromeo in the afternoon. We talked about my performance so far in Microeconomics under Prof. Patt Lontoc and his subject, Human Behavior in Organizations (HBO).

Bad News #1: Prof. Patt's feedback could be seen as an backhanded slap in the face or a nice pat on the back. She basically said in her feedback that she sees my potential, but I tend to back off from participating in her class at the first sign of adversity or contradiction. Translation: Regnard, you got no balls in my class.

Bad news #2: For the HBO class (which happens to be one of my fave subjects), I got a mediocre grade of P. I've always thought I'm doing great in this subject, but Prof. Borromeo told me that I tend to just agree with people and not lead the class discussion. To be honest, I was a bit shocked with the gap between what I though and what the professor thought. (I guess that's what feedback is for). So my marching orders is to try to get of my comfort zone and try to bring something more interesting to the class, rather than the "blah" stuff I've been bringing.

Sheesh, is there no saving grace for this day?


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