This Is It

I was recently approached by a 2nd year offering me help in Management of Cost and Profit (MCP). He was given feedback by a couple of our professors regarding my abysmal scores in that subject. (My aggregate total is 4.5/37 or 12%). In order to have a good standing in MCP, my aggregate total for the two quizzes should be 18.5/37 or 50%.

I really appreciate that professors are concerned about students. But that is just one half of the equation-- they can sympathize, but at the end of the day, it boils down to how I prepare and study for classes.

I believe that the thing that did me in for MCP is pride. I've underestimated the subject grossly, since it seemed easier than our Language of Business (LOB) course (if you ask me, I still think MCP is easier in terms of topics). I also thought that my skill in math will get me over the hump. So if there's one thing I've learned here is don't be too proud-- it's like the proverbial better team on paper underestimating a weaker opponent and getting beaten.

In line with my new found motivation for MCP, I've set a goal for me for the next two exams: get at least 90% on each so that my average score will meet the "good standing" standard. It's going to be harder work, but I got to leave my pride out of the door.


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