Ah, The Christmas Vacation

The "real" vacation season started for us MBA students last December 14, Friday. We did not have class that day, but we did have a group paper deadline for Quantitative Analysis (QA).

From that point, the exodus of students not based in the Philippines began. A lot of Indian students steadily started going out of the dorm with their luggage bags and excitement of going back to India. Students trickling out of AIM is usually see them waiting for cabs in the lobby area, with other classmates bidding adieu, even temporarily.

Here's a list of things of things I've been able to do since the vacation:
  • Eat lunch at home
  • Watch TV
  • Sleep
  • Read a book not related to AIM!
  • Shop for Christmas gifts
  • Party hard :D
I'm sure other folks have found the time to rest and do stuff. So to the AIM students all over the world, greetings to you and have great Christmas vacation.


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