AIM Preview

AIM had its first AIM Preview today. The AIM Preview is a an event where prospective MBA, MM or MDM students are invited and a brief talk on business and management is given. The talk for today's session was by Prof. Ricky Lim and his topic was "Leading the Swarm," which focused on the wisdom of teams and groups.

Although us students were not required to attend the event, a few classmates and myself attended. We even answered questions about life in AIM-- academics, social life and the joys and pains of being in the MBA program. It was like us giving testimonials to encourage prospective folks to attend AIM.

Personally, I'm glad I attended the talk. The AIM Preview really showed AIM at its best-- the presentations and the talk highlighted the case method and benefits of being in the MBA program. I've been very weary the past weeks and even I wondered why I'm here in AIM. The talk reminded me of the reasons why I chose AIM and why I attended the MBA program. I found it quite reinvigorating.

I remember the event we had a few months ago, the team building activity on cultural sensitivity, and recalled what one of our facilitators said. The facilitator, Prof. Mila Lagrosa, said that in low times, remember the days when your enthusiasm was high and optimism was at a peak and hopefully your spirit will be renewed. The AIM Preview helped me recall those days. Although I'm not required to go to the next AIM Preview events, I do plan on attending a majority of them.


Anonymous said…
What time are the previews?

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