MBA Blog, MBA Blogger and AIM MBA

What do MBA Blog, MBA Blogger and AIM MBA have in common?

The three are all phrases in which this blog places well in Google Search. For the key phrase MBA Blog, The AIM Blogger places #7 out of 9,790,000 results. This blog also places #8 for the key phrase MBA Blogger out of 2,210,000 websites found by Google. And finally, searching for the phrase AIM MBA in Google will show this blog at #5 out of 1,750,000.

What do those results and rankings mean? The results mean that this blog is in a good position to be read by those looking for a site about MBA's. It's also very likely that someone looking for information about the MBA program in AIM will happen upon my site if they were looking for it in Google.

Personally, it's one of my goals for this blog is to place in the top 10 for the key phrase Asian Institute of Management. Currently, it's in the top 80 results and the top 10 will probably happen if a lot of people find this blog relevant when searching for the term.

So for now, I'll settle for MBA Blog, MBA Blogger and AIM MBA.


Talking Tails said…
Actually what also is a major factor (apart from clicks!) in determining the rank of your page of Google Search the number of pages LINKING TO parts of your blog. (Incoming links!)... Google uses a page-rank algorithm to calculate the weightage given to each blog / page / website depending upon the number of in-bound and out-bound links.

The rank is given on a scale of 1 to 10 with the higher ranked ones appearing progressively higher in the search results.

The page rank of my Blog is 5... which is not too bad actually! :)

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