The Six Word Description Theory

I'm running a social experiment to test a theory I've developed. The theory is called The Six Word Description Theory and it posits that an object's qualitative attributes can be adequately and satisfactorily described using six words.

My theory was developed while thinking of how to minimize the responses for an interview and it was inspired by Six Degrees of Separation. I'm developing this theory to extend it to describing abstract ideas and how it would apply to tagging and labeling for items on the web. It's like developing this rule of thumb: A blog post can be adequately described using six tags or labels.

I'm validating this theory with a survey that will go through the typical hypothesis testing some theories undergo. The survey has only 10 questions and may be finished in 5 minutes. Please take the survey via the link below:

Take the Six Word Description Theory Survey.

I'd appreciate your help in validating this endeavor.


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