AIM Preview 2008

The Asian Institute of Management is having a series of talks called The AIM Preview, where the talks give potential MBA, MM and MDM students a taste of what's it like to study in AIM. Apart from the admission requirements, talks also focus on the way of life in AIM, a primer on the Case Method and a few tips on surviving business school. Faculty and students like me will be there to answer questions as well.

A good thing about these talks is that they are also mini-seminars on management and leadership. The last Preview I attended focused on the power and wisdom of groups. If I'm not mistaken, the next set of talks will feature management topics from management guru Peter Drucker. Those mini-seminars are definitely worth any would-be manager or leader's time.

I invite all those who are interested in pursuing business graduate studies to attend The AIM Previews. Each talk is very interesting and a good way to research to which MBA program you will attend. I attended an AIM Preview before I proceeded with my MBA studies and it's one of the best ways to clearly see if AIM does fit your plans of becoming the leaders and managers of tomorrow.

Here's the tentative schedule for The AIM previews:
  • AIM Campus, Makati City
    • January 31,2008
    • February 28, 2008
    • March 28, 2008
    • April 3, 2008
    • May 7, 2008
    • June 18, 2008
    • July 17, 2008
  • Subic
    • February 21, 2008
  • Cebu
    • March 26, 2008
  • Davao
    • March 28, 2008
  • Cagayan De Oro
    • April 17, 2008


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