In Defense of the WAC

Our MBA batch recently held a forum with WSGSB Associate Dean Prof. Ricky Lim, MBA Program Director Prof. Mau Bolante and the MBA Program staff. The purpose of the forum was for the MBA students to give feedback on the program so far, particularly on the quantitative subjects, clarifications on the Action Consultancy (AC) and the Management Research Report (MRR).

The class feedback has gripes that I agree with, but there is one sentiment that I totally disagree with: The class wants to have no more Written Analysis of Cases or WACs. What bull! I believe the WACs are what separates AIM MBA grads from "cookie-cutter" MBA programs. I believe that is what toughens us up and I believe the WACs have contributed to the development of the MBA class significantly.

As of now, we have done 11 cases for the WACs and weare slated for one more. Prof. Ricky Lim has stated that he will consider the suggestion. My appeal to my classmates and Prof. Ricky Lim: please stop and think about this. The classes we are having right are pretty interesting and we would be depriving ourselves of learning and analysis of cases in General Management and Ethics (GME), Development of the Enterprise (DE) and even Financial Management 2 (FM2).

I know WACs are hard work, but we only have four more left. I think the benefit of tackling interesting cases outweighs the sacrifice of a four more Friday evenings.

In the interest of the MBA program, let us save the WACs.


PrashantBatra said…
Definitely debatable my friend. :)
lets meet over lunch and discuss this!
Madhu said…
Dude this one is highly contentious :):):).....There are lot other things that differentiates AIM from the rest ..:)

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