New Year, New Gripes

It's 2008 and the new year brings a lot of new things for our MBA class.

First, we are starting a new term. With the new term, we have new subjects such as Financial Management 2 (FM2), Development of the Enterprise (DE) and General Management (GME). We have yet to meet all of our professors for the new subjects, but we have already had a class with Prof. Gracia Ugut in FM2. Also, the new term still has favorites like Management Communication (MC), Marketing Management (MM) and Operations Management (OM).

Speaking of Operations Management, we have an upcoming midterms tomorrow and there will be a few fortunate folks who will be exempted from taking the exam. The exempted list includes MBA students who got a grade of P+ or higher. The basis of the exemption is the much-vaunted, oft-maligned Class Participation (CP) and the results of the QDP* Exercise done during the last term.

The exemption list itself has started murmurs around the batch about how the list was drawn up-- why are some deserving folks not there and some entries tend to raise questions and eybrows?

Happy New Year; Welcome back to AIM.

*QDP = Quality, Delivery, Productivity.


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