I received a forwarded email from Ramon M. de Vera, Chairman of the AIM Alumni Association (Philippine Chapter):
We received with profound sorrow news of the death of Bob Chandran in a helicopter crash in Indonesia yesterday morning. At that time, AIM MBM class 73 was in Boracay celebrating its 35th anniversary. We remembered Bob as being just a year behind our class. And almost instinctively there were anecdotes and remembrances about Bob who was well regarded.

There will be tribute coming from his friends and associates from all over the world for Bob. He lived a life full of challenges rewarded with one achievement after another. We join many who will pause and remember him and his family in prayer. As the alumni of AIM share with pride in the achievements of Bob, we now also share in the grief of his family.

The AIM family will hold a memorial service for Bob Chandran with details to be announced later. For now, we assuage our grief with the thought that Bob lived his life fully.

Ramon M. de Vera
Alumni Association (Philippine Chapter)
Member Board of Trustees of AIM

Actually, I first learned of of the news from Prof. Larry Tan, who had worked closely with Mr. Chandran. While I did not personally know Bob Chandran, I've heard a lot of good things about his business acumen and achievements. He is also regarded as a notable AIM alumni; Prof. Tan even shared that Mr. Chandran contributed much to his professional growth.

Events like these put things in perspective, at least for me. While I gripe about my recent frustrations, I should focus on excelling and focusing on my strengths; instead of being negative about certain matters, there are more things, bigger things that I should be positive about.


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