Q & A with Yvonne Larcher

I recently interviewed Yvonne Larcher, an exchange student from Vienna who was recently part of AIM's Internationnal Student Exchange Progam(ISEP):

The AIM Blogger (TAB): Hi Yvonne! Tell us something about yourself: your academic and professional background, interests.
Yvonne Larcher (YL): My name is Yvonne Larcher and I study at Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. Before starting my studies I have worked as an accountant in various accounting companies in the west of Austria for 4 years. Personally, I like traveling, meeting new people/cultures (to learn from them), chatting and a lot more.

The last trimester I was able to visit the Philippines and to attend my exchange semester at AIM.

TAB: What factors did you consider in choosing AIM as your international exchange school?
YL: One factor was that before coming to the Philippines, I have never been to Asia. My intention was to spend the exchange semester in Asia. So I started a selection process with the focus on nice, beautiful Asian countries with not too crowded cities, but a country with nature. Moreover I talked to friends about their experiences in Asia. One of my friends mentioned that she attended a summer school in the Philippines and that the country is amazing.

After this talk I did some research on the Philippines on the net and at my school’s databank. The good reports of former Austrian AIM exchange students impressed me that much, that I knew I want to go there. That’s why I applied for AIM as my first choice.

Now, after everything is unfortunately over, I have to admit: it was the best choice of my life going there!!!! I really had the best time of my life there and didn’t want to leave in the end.

TAB: I'm sure you've had lots of great experiences while your stay in AIM. Care to share one or two memorable ones?

YL: Well, there were really a ton of amazing experiences and it’s hard to pick just one or two.
I remember the awesome parties we had at AIM, it doesn’t matter if it’s the ISEP Welcome Party, which really helped to get in contact with the regular students and to break the ice. Or the Diwali Party, which was really a highlight, as it was the first real contact with Indian culture for me. Our Christmas party was also a lot of fun. Celebrating with all those great people is always an experience.

The friendliness and helpfulness of the people at AIM is really overwhelming, which was a completely new experience for me (that’s why I mention it). I felt welcome and home from the very first beginning.

Another experience I would like to mention is the community work some of my schoolmates and I did. I found it exceptional of students, who study business and economics, to do such a good, helpful job. It was not only fun but also the knowledge of doing something good to people who need help.

All in all, almost every day I had a new experience, either if it was traveling through the Philippines or Asia, or the time I spend at school with my friends. I wouldn’t want to miss even a second. I will miss those times.

Have a look at my homepage (in German) http://philippines-i-come.chapso.de


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