Vox Populi

Yeah, I heard you.

I ran a poll to know what you folks would like to see more of here in The AIM Blogger and the topic that got the most votes is AIM admissions, followed by AIM students. It makes sense because the AIM Admissions Office started the application for the next batch of MBA students already.

So what's in store for The AIM Blogger in the next few postings? Well, there will be more coverage on admission-related information, plus some insights for prospective students. Another is I'll try to feature more of the students here, from the MBA, MM and MDM programs. Of course, there will still be the occasional happenings in and outside the AIM classrooms.

I'm taking a cue from that poll despite the fact that it only had 14 votes. Why? It's a nod to everyone who has read this blog religiously and shared their thoughts by commenting on my blog posts. Besides, Marketing Management (MM) taught me to love my current reader base; after all it is more costly to retain a lost reader than acquire a new one.


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