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It's Admissions Season for the incoming MBA and MM students for the W. SyCip Graduate School of Business in AIM and that means people getting invited for interviews and group discussions, people taking the AIMAT and plenty of questions!

I've been getting emails and messages as of late on the topic of AIM MBA admissions and I'd like to devote some space in this blog about these inquiries. I really like answering emails, so I'm creating a little section here called "Ask The AIM Blogger."

For the first question, I got this message about interviews (I edited the message to omit some specific information):

I am to be interviewed by [AIM Faculty Name here]. Can you please give me some info about him...

...Could you please let me know more about him, like what kind of person he is and what all qualities does he talk about(or what all qualities he likes or dislikes) when he is in class?

Thanks (I know i am asking for more... but if u can please help I shall be very grateful).
You'll be surprised this is not the only message or email I got that asked about AIM faculty personalities. I think all of the people are just doing the necessary "intelligence" to pass the interview with flying colors.

My answer to this question is this: While familiarity and some background info about the interviewer will help you boost your confidence a bit, nothing beats sincerity and authenticity in getting you over the hump in interviews, especially if you're talking about AIM faculty. I have to admit, AIM professors are pretty good in spotting BS-- and based on my knowledge of them, they value honesty.

In my opinion, the best source source of confidence is that you believe in what offer and what you know, plus healthy optimism. One trick, such as knowing your interviewer, won't completely turn the tide in your favor in your MBA admission interviewer.


Vaisakh said…
Hey Regnard,

Nice blog here and quite insightful too! :)
I have got an admit for the May intake; well personally it works out better for me to go in the Sept yet to get a confirmation on the deferment. Would like to know if enrolling in either of the batches makes any difference to the quality of the program

Soumeet said…
Hey Regnard,

I had given the AIMAT and gave the GD/PI. I am in an unique position....the Admissions Board has not rejected my application, but have said that I need to work for another year and then re apply with my updated resume......and then I just need sit for the interview.......I have 1 query. Is this a common thng to happen? Shd I be optimistic about next year?


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