The Birthday Post, 2008

I'm turning 28 today and this may be known as my "AIM Birthday" as this is the only birthday celebration that is within the 16 months of the MBA program.

The day started with a learning team breakfast with set-up by our team's mentor, Prof. Jun Borromeo. Well. the breakfast wasn't a set-up because it was my birthday, but rather it was a scheduled breakfast meeting with Capt. Bobby Lim, one of AIM's pioneer faculty and former president of the Philippine Aerospace Development Corporation. The pleasant meeting was filled with his insights on life, his experiences in World War II (yep, he was an officer during the war, thus the title "Captain") and of course, business.

The big surprise happened in our Human Behavior in Organizations (HBO) class. As I entered the ABS-CBN Caseroom* and proceeded to my designated seat, a batch of presents surprised me. Here's a photo:
I guess somebody in our class pulled a prank on me by leaving Valentine's day-related presents on my birthday. It's also a good thing that Prof. Borromeo was game and he even led the class in singing "Happy Birthday."

Who gave me the presents? It was a mystery to me at that point.


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