Financial Struggles

When people say you are struggling in finance, they usually mean you're in debt or you are in a bad financial position. But here in AIM, that means another thing-- you are not doing well in the finance-related subjects.

Our class is currently taking Financial Management 2 (FM2) under Prof. Maya Herrera, Prof. Gary Olivar and Dr. Grace Ugut, with each faculty covering the topics of the course relating to their expertise. I saying this right off the bat-- I'm having difficulty comprehending the subject. We are already in our 11th session and I could say with honesty that I'm lost as the guys from, well, "Lost."

My difficulty with finance could be traced back to my Language of Business (LOB) days a few months back. If you sift through my blog posts around August and September 2007, you would see my initial troubles and "hanging by a thread" moments in Financial Accounting. I painstakingly coasted by Financial Management 1 (FM1) and here I am getting flattened by FM2 like an anvil falling from the sky.

So now what?

From what we have learned in General Management and Ethics (GME), from a strategy point of view, it is much more "strategically sound" to focus on an entity's strengths and competitive advantage and avoid areas of weakness. It is obvious that Finance is a weak area of mine, so does that mean I take the "strategic" route and focus on something else?


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haha...nice blog, ok always stay cool~
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