Jun Lozada in AIM/Big Makati Rally

A quick post: Things are getting crazy here in the AIM Campus as it is in the middle of a big public protest action against the Arroyo Administration's corruption here in Makati City.

But the reason why things are more unsettled here in campus is because senate star witness Rodolfo 'Jun' Lozada is here! Reporters, media folks and protesters are filling up the main lobby with cars struck in traffic jams all over the place. Outside is just loud with car horns, sirens and people with megaphones. Totally crazy... in a good patriotic way, of course.

I decided to attend the big rally as an observer along with other MBA students, three of which were Indians.

As we walked to the Ninoy Aquino monumebt Paseo De Roxas Avenue, I got to know more about the Indians' view of "rallies." They said they were apprehensive to go with us because in India, a rally connotes rioting-- more like mobs burning cars, breaking windows and looting. One of the Indian students jokingly said he was "disappointed" that the rally was rather peaceful. :P But that gave me a chance to educate him on how rallies are done in the Philippines.

I was surprised with the turnout of people for the rally; there were a lot of students there and that really is not good for the government. The last time students got critical mass in a protest action, the government was pressured to relinquish control.


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